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Okay.  I’ve kept this under wraps as long as I can (not even a week).  HIP SOIREE IS GETTING A BLOG FACELIFT!  Like, professionally.  Not just me, Photoshop and several all-nighters trying to figure out how to implement HTML code into WordPress.  Oh, and also…Hip Soiree will be moving to a new address.  I got my own domain now, peeps!  No, not as that is apparently taken (even though it has no content).  Funny story, though – in requesting the name “Hip Soiree,” the web hosting company gave me SEVERAL options since it was taken.  My favorites were “ThighParty” and “ThePelvisNight.”  Now I kinda wish I’d taken ThePelvisNight.  I’d probably get a lot of traffic since porn is so popular and stuff.  I’ll announce the new name when the site is up and officially operational. 

SO, that being said, I’ve got two things to say.  One, if you’re a subscriber, you’re going to have re-subscribe to the new website (thanks for nothing, WordPress), and TWO, I’m having an Oprah-like giveaway!!!  And when I say that, I don’t mean I’m giving anyone a “CAAAAAaaaaaar” [said in an Oprah sing-shout].  BUT, I’m willing to take some suggestions.  Maybe a project I did in the past?  A choice of something Yudu’d?  Sorry, but I can’t agree to a quilt.  I’m excited, but I haven’t taken a turn to Crazy Town. 

What do yo think?


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  1. You could come to my place and do a penny wall 😛

  2. Ooh! A giveaway from ThePelvisNight! Count me in. Even though I think GroinFiesta would be an even BETTER domain name. Not porny at all. No, ma’am.


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