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Feed Me, Seymour!

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Or should I say feed me, Ryan.  Right?!  This is the ACTUAL cat grass Ryan planted.  From seeds.  It’s not plastic grass even though it looks like it because it’s so perfect.  I’m both impressed and a little irritated.  Why can’t I make things grow like this?  Do plants just hate me?  I think they might.  I mean, this thing is so hearty that I’m a little afraid I’m going to wake up one morning only to find the carpet has been replaced with a lush covering of grass.  Or, in a Fringe-like incident, it will become a grass person and try to enact judgment upon me for all my plant killing.  I’m a little melodramatic…  Oh, and I forgot to mention that, even though you can’t really see it in the picture, it actually has DEW on it every morning.  DEW!  DEW!! (I wish I could make that caps lockier to show you how my voice went up ANOTHER decibel).  I told him that if it grows any larger, I won’t need to make a curtain because the grass will eventually block out the sun.

Side note – notice the change to a planter instead of the paper plate and plastic container.  He’s a keeper, that one!


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