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Tutorial Tuesday – Identity Art!

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I stumbled upon this the other day and about died. 

What is it?  Oh, just a copy of your DNA!!  That you can hang.  ON THE WALL!!  How cool is that?  PLUS, if you’re ever the subject of foul play, the cops could just come and grab the picture off the wall and you they wouldn’t have to wait those pesky 3 weeks or whatever.  Apparently, it’s not like CSI, you guys.  It takes a while for those kinds of results.

They also have:

Fingerprints.  GAH!  I want them!  Of course…they’re not cheap.  But then, this literally appeared in my inbox.  Literally.

DONE!!  And when I say done, I mean that I’ve already stamped and scanned our fingerprints.  Not technically done, I guess.  Half done.  Quasi done.  Okay, not done.  In progress.  But I think I’m going to Yudu mine onto some fabric and make a pillow instead of creating something to hang on the wall.  My queue of things to hang on the wall has gotten a little over the top. 

OH, and if you decide to get the real deal, they also do lip prints and ancestry portraits.  After reading the blurb of what exactly an ancestry portrait is, I’m left more confused than when I started reading the blurb.  It makes me feel a little nervous that in the near future, we’re all going to have bar codes tattooed on us.  And that it’s going to be a mandate from government.  It’s just a matter of time, people!


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