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Penny Wall…CHECK!

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I honestly wasn’t sure this thing would ever get finished. Someone asked about it the other day which caused me to look back at the original post and I almost gasped when I saw it was from last May. GASPED! That’s not cool. Granted, it was a pretty big project. But it lit a fire under me which, to his chagrin, I lit under Ryan.

Here’s a before picture. Ryan put down some plywood so that we wouldn’t have to glue the pennies directly to the wall. We are renters, after all.

True to form, this is the only picture I have. Stupidly, I didn’t take any during pictures. Honestly, you guys, I SWEAR I did, but I cannot find them anywhere in my iPhoto library. Of course, I did have to wade through a LOT of Comic-Con pictures (thanks, Ryan). And, I’ll admit, probably 500 pictures of Ralph. He’s super cute. You’d totally understand if you knew him. ANYWAY, this is the only before picture I could find.


And here’s one of the reasons it took us so long:

They’re all heads up and faces forward! Well, as close to that as possible. Four score and seven years ago, INDEED! Plus, each one is glued separately. We started out using my trusty glue gun, but when it became Ryan’s turn (it got more difficult at the halfway point and I think he was afraid I’d somehow spaz out and fall from a step stool or something), he decided to just use Elmer’s glue. He said it worked just as well as (update:  he says BETTER than) the glue gun. I could have screamed since I had a few third degree burns (okay, just some reddened skin) from putting hot glue on every single penny. My delicate hands are ruined. My dream of being a hand model is now lost forever…

All in all, it was a little over $50 in pennies. Ryan’s grandma was nice enough to supply AT LEAST $20 worth. The rest we bought. Did you know that the bank “sells” $25 BOXES of pennies? Well, they do.

Side note – how do you like all of our fancy decanters? We started collecting them before we got married. And my new Liquor poster? Cool, right? My brother (from another mother) is making an awesome frame for it. I can’t wait!!


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  1. I love it!

  2. I loVe!!!!! It 🙂

  3. When I first saw you were doing this, I had no idea how it would turn out & I may have been skeptical. But I have to say, IT LOOKS AWESOME!!!!!
    Between the wall and the decanters and the poster, not to mention your always gorgeous buffet, the whole section is fantastic! I LOVE it! Love it!!!

  4. I’m speechless! (Wait I just said something. I’m cured!) Seriously -Sunset Magazine here you come….


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