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Tutorial Tuesday – Felt Rug!

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I know I just posted about a rug last week.  And what’s even funnier is the fact that I need a rug like a hole in the head.  Need is such an ugly word, though.  Want is the new need.  In my book anyway.

So, check this out. 

Did your heart explode?   Mine did.  It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty!!  It’s from Anthropologie (duh) and costs…wait for it…between $700 and $1,100.  Apparently it’s made out of children’s tears.  Or angel’s wings.  Or something like that.  I mean, that’s gotta be the reason it’s so expensive.  But run out and buy two while they’re in stock!  I’ll wait here until you come back…


But since this blog is not just a way to bestow all my wonderful and expressive thoughts upon you, I’ve searched the world over and found a mother grubbing “cheat.”  Well, I saw the cheat before I saw the Anthropologie rug.  I sound like I’m saying “I liked [insert band name here] WAY before they were popular.”  You know, the hipster mantra.  ANYWAY…

Right?!  It’s felt scraps!  Felt scraps and…glue (gun-style).  That’s it!  The only tricky part is this – the tutorial page is a little wonky right now (I SWEAR I’m not sending you purposely to something that looks like a Viagra advertisement), but hopefully it’ll be back up and ready for reading by the time this posts.  So irritating…  At the end of the day, though, it’s just wrapping and glueing the felt strips.  You really don’t “need” a tutorial.

Oh brother.  I can already feel myself giving in to the idea of making one.  I could just make one of the jersey knit latch hook rugs and one of these.  I’m practicing my pitch to Ryan.  Poor guy…


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  1. See, I DO need a rug! Several of them. These bare floors are making me cray-cray.
    So now I will have to try this one as well as the latch hook one. I’m serious. I’m gonna get my rug on!


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