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String Light Lantern

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Check this out – this idea is coming at you from my sister, Katy!  I see I’m not the only DIY’er in the family!  So, let me show you her fabulous idea.

Are you wondering exactly what this is?  Obviously, I’m not going to let you wonder for long.  I’ll give you the run-down.  My sister (like me) gets headaches from overly “stinky” things.  And by stinky, I mean things like some scented candles.  BUT she doesn’t get headaches from super cute candleholders!!  Duh.  That would be ridiculous.  Actually, that would be sad.  In this day and age, though, I bet there’s someone out there who is.  I’m still scratching my head wondering how so many people today are allergic to peanuts.  It’s weird, you guys.  And it really infringes on my right to eat peanuts on an airplane.  Ugh.

ANYWAY, Katy liked this lantern candleholder and, suddenly, the string lights in her window fell on her head!  Okay.  That didn’t really happen.  But she did get a little bored of the string lights hanging in her window, so she had a design epiphany.  Why don’t I put the string lights into my new fancy-pants candleholder?!  It was a “You got chocolate in my peanut butter.  YOU GOT PEANUT BUTTER IN MY CHOCOLATE!” moment. 

She did say, though, that she had to tweak it a little before it looked as cute as it does.  Initially, she tried to just ball up the lights and ram them in there, but the lights would eventually clump down into a corner and look…well, poopy.  My words.  So, she grabbed a curtain scarf, rolled the lights inside, fluffed it up a bit and put it in the lantern. 

Ingenious!  Now, all you fellow stinky candle afflicted people can run out and purchase candle lanterns and stuff!  Oh, and if you like this one, it’s from Partylite and you can find it here.  Tee hee.  I’m such a bad influence…


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  1. I am so gonna try this! Thank you Katy (via Lizzie!)


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