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Tutorial Tuesday – Shag Rug!

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I’m so up in the air about showing you this because I REALLY wanted to surprise you all with a finished product, but I can’t wait.  Ugh.  I’ve gotta work on my patience. 

Isn’t this rug the coolest thing ever?  Guess what it’s made out of.  Guess.  Go ahead, guess!  DYED T-SHIRTS!  Oh, and it’s made using something I loved SO MUCH as a little kid – LATCH HOOK!!!!!  I think I latch hooked about 100 (probably more like 5 MAX) pictures of cats, unicorns and rainbows.  Not long ago, I was wondering why latch hook isn’t featured on DIY blogs.  Is it because it’s out of style?  Like macrame?  Or friendship pins?  I don’t know and I don’t care because this is the be-all and end-all of latch hook projects in my book.

Why do I want this, you ask curiously?  Have you ever seen these.  I’ll admit that they do kinda look like a yak has just died on your floor.  Or maybe a tauntaun.  (I SWEAR to you that I’m not a Star Wars geek).  Anyway, they’re called flokati rugs.  But they’re WAAAAAAAAAAY out of my price range.  Especially for what I want one for – to put outside the litter boxes to catch all the ding dang litter those boys kick up on their mad escape out of there.  I swear, they run out like a mynock is chasing them!  (I really promise I’m not a big fan). 

So the flokati is out of my price range.  Big deal.  I’ll make something similar out of  the MOUNDS of t-shirts Ryan has waiting for transport to Goodwill.  I’m not sure if I’ll dye them all one color or just make a hodge podge of different colors.  OOOOHHH!!!  Maybe I’ll do a throwback and make it in rainbow colors!!!!  Ryan would LOOOOOOOVE that.  Not.  We’ll see.  One thing I know FOR SURE – I’m starting this weekend as I bought a latch hook “canvas” and a hook.  According to the tutorial, I’ll be done in about a year.  Maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic.

Oh, and speaking of the tutorial, I almost forgot to give you the link.  Durrrr.  Actually, maybe it was my subconscious trying to hold on to the information until after I’m finished…


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  1. Your blogs make my day!

  2. Yeah, I’m gonna try this too. LOVE Latch hooking! When I moved a couple of months ago, i found a bag w/an old half finished latch hook in there. It was some checkerboard hearts pattern. Yuck. If that doesn’t tell you how long ago I started it, I don’t know what will. I must have been 16. Why do I still have it?
    Tho I’m glad I do, ‘cos I’m gonna finish that sucker.
    But I’m also going to look into STARTING THIS SUCKER!!
    Thank you for the link.


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