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The Yudu is Fully Operational

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Like the Deathstar.  Get it?  These people do.  Anyway, every week I told myself, “This weekend, I’m getting the Yudu out.”  And every Monday I was like “Crap!  THIS weekend, I’m getting the Yudu out.”  It was a cycle.  But…that cycle has been broken, you guys!!! 

Oh, maybe I should first fill you in on what a Yudu is.  Duh.  It’s a screenprinting machine.  More specifically, it’s this.  You can do (yudu) lots of things – textiles, cards, etc.  (I couldn’t think of anything past cards, but I know there’s more).

So, without further ado…BAM!

Cute, right?!  It was part of the gift I made for the baby shower this past weekend.  It turned out pretty well for a first attempt.  Well, it wasn’t really the first.  Ryan helped me with the liquid emulsion we bought and then we had to come up with a cheat to adhere the TINY onesie onto the platen (I realized these words might all be a foreign language to just about all of you).  Plus we had to play around with the amount of ink to use.  So…this is my third attempt.  But it was the first in the sense that it was the first I’d ever hand out to someone with my name on it.  I’m not going to hand out crippity crap and say I made it.  (Insert scoff  here).  Although, I do wish I could have gotten the little “chain” higher up on the onesie, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  I can’t believe there are “people” out there who are so small that they can wear something like this!  I don’t think Ralph OR Ted could fit into that thing!

So hold on to your butts for some more Yudu designs.  Ryan’s already come up with some pretty dang funny things that we’re going to implement.  And…this weekend I’m getting the Yudu out.


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