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Baby Boy Quilt

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I actually did it!!!!!!  I made a quilt!  Granted, it’s a baby quilt, but IT’S A FREAKING QUILT!!!  It was finished a while ago, but I didn’t want to post anything about it until the recipient, my adorable niece Zoe, received it in the mail.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’ll be a great-aunt.  Even more hilarious, my sister is going to be a grandma.  But let’s just keep on topic…

I may have written this before, but I truly mean it this time – I think I might now know what it’s like to have a kid.  After I was done with this thing, I just stared and stared at it saying ridiculous things like “I can’t believe I made that.”  Don’t parents say things like that?  I didn’t tell it I loved it or anything, but I TOTALLY do.  I’m just so proud of myself.  It has lots of imperfections – the seams aren’t exactly lined up everywhere, I didn’t buy enough material for the back so I had to put a big stripe down the middle and I HIGHLY doubt the border is the same width, but I think it’s wonderful.  Kinda like someone’s kid that’s kinda ugly.  Come on.  Don’t pretend they don’t exist.

Anyway, the pattern I used was this.  Honestly, I wish I’d chosen an easier pattern to start with.  It wasn’t necessarily hard, there was a just a LOT of cutting.  And sewing curves.  Yikes.  I also deviated a bit when it came to the quilting part.  Instead of just tying knots in the center of each circle, I actually quilted it with a free-motion quilting foot.  A free-motion foot is different from a “regular” foot because it enables you to move the fabric around instead of having to do straight lines.  Quilting itself made me feel like my back was about to break.  Something I didn’t really think about was the act of trying to ram a large portion of a quilt into that tiny space between the needle and the sewing machine.  It can’t be more than 6 inches which means there’s a lot of rolling and readjusting.  That and the fact that the weight of the quilt (surprisingly heavy) keeps wanting to pull the entire thing off the machine.  But I got the hang of it.

Here’s a picture up close.

Here’s a picture of the back.  Notice the big grey stripe.

I read that it’s nice to “sign” your quilt, so I embroidered something on it. 

I’ve also finished another baby quilt, but you’ll have to wait until after the baby shower to see pictures.  It’s not for a few weeks, so patience…  I hear it’s a virtue or something.

Side note – yes, these pictures were taken in my office at work.  It has WAY better light compared to my apartment.


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  1. Zoe is lucky to have you for an aunt. Beautiful work!


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