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I would normally just ASSume that everyone knows what Etsy (aka the best shopping place on earth) is.  But the other day I mentioned it to someone and they said these exact words – “What’s Etsy?”  WHAT’S ETSY???!!!!!!  I about dropped to the ground and had a heart attack on the spot.  Are you living under a rock?!  I mean, what’s Google?  What’s an iPhone?  WHAT’S A WHEEL?!  So apparently there are people out there who are crazy weird and don’t know what Etsy is.  It’s awesome.  OK, to expand on that, it’s an internet site that sells MILLIONS of, not only handmade items, but vintage “things” and all sorts of supplies from fabric to cupcake liners.  And when I say handmade, I don’t just mean the stuff I make (meaning the crafty DIY stuff).  I’m talking art and custom clothes.  For example, I had my wedding dress made by an Etsy seller.  It was silk and made to fit my measurements.  And $100!!!!  And I LOVED IT!  Actually, the list of things I’ve bought on Etsy is a mile long.  Of course, I also sell things on Etsy (only one thing at the moment), but that’s beside the point.

SO, in light of some people’s lack of knowledge (read: stupidity), I’m going to post some of my favorite Etsy finds.  Prepare to have your mind blown:

Heart stopped yet?  Mine did as I JUST BOUGHT THIS THE OTHER DAY! I was in need of a new alarm clock and wanted one that was also an iPhone dock, so I’m using this and an app to make my phone a clock.  There was a lot of rhyming in that sentence.  But it’ll look so cool sitting on my nightstand!

See, I told you there was art!  I won’t lie.  I know this artist.  I own one of her other pieces.  That I bought on Etsy, thank you very much!  I also really want this one.  The busty bird kills me.

Those of you who know me know that I love the movie Anchorman.  LOVE!  This is perfect as it’s hilarious without being too obvious what you’re quoting.  I guess it would seem weird if you DIDN’T know what it was quoting, though.  Anyway, I wish I lived in that town the Germans discovered in 1904.

What?!  You don’t like pet stuff, Lizzie!  Ha!  You’re so funny.  YOU KNOW I DO!  And I love mod things as well.  Someone MADE this, you guys.  With their two hands (and some tools I assume).  Ralph would look so tight in that thing!  (Note that the use of the word “tight” is a shout-out to my brother-in-law).

I wish I had a fancy event to go to.  Why, you ask?  Because I want this clutch.  Like super bad.  Wouldn’t it look fantastic in my little hands!  GAH!  You KNOW it would!  Joan would totally sport this.  And being Joan is my life’s goal. 

A gorgeous vintage ring!  I love spoon rings.  I am currently wearing one that I believe was stolen by me from one of my sisters.  I don’t know which and if one of you reads this, no, I will not give it back.  Seriously.  I won’t.  Go buy this one if you want one so much.

So there you have it. Etsy in a nutshell.  I’ll try and keep you posted with some other finds in the future.  I have a sick feeling that my Etsy purchases will now greatly increase.  Poor Ryan…


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  1. Wow, I thought I was the only one with a $100 custom-made wedding dress. That was back in 1988, of course.

    May we see a photo of your dress? I’ll show ya mine; it’s on flickr.

    I too have had people ask “what’s Etsy”. Then it’s “what’s Artfire?”

    I just opened my Etsy shop tonight (shameless plug). I’m at Drop by if you get a chance!

    • I’m SO sorry that I have responded to this. I’m such a bad blogger. I updated one of my posts to include a picture of the dress –

      Congrats on your shop! I love mixed media!

      • No problem–I am not the world’s best blogger myself. I love your dress–pale blue is one of my favorite colors as you will see in this photo:

        Sandi Bridesmaids

        Note the big 80s hair and heavy makeup!

        I had the dress made to resemble my grandmom’s from 1929:

        Grandma alone

        I love all things 1920s and collect vintage bridal photos.

        Thank you for visiting my shop, too!

        Happy New Year!

      • Is that an actual picture of your grandma? It looks like something out of a magazine! Gorgeous!

        Love the headbands in the wedding picture, by the way. LOL.

      • Yes, that is my dad’s mother from 1929! It is a hand-colored picture.

        The headbands were actually made by a woman subcontracted from a bridal shop. All the other headpieces in the shop were like $35 and up. I saw the prototype hanging there and the lady in the shop gave me the contractor’s phone # and I called. She wanted s/thing like $15–quite a break! Plus my “girls” got their shoes at K-Mart for $5 a pair! Mine were $5 at A.S. Beck, long since out of business. Maybe I should write a booklet on budget weddings!

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