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Tutorial Tuesday – DIY Wall Decals!

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Honestly, I have no idea what put this little idea in my head.  Granted, it must have had something to do with my obsessive-compulsive quest for wall decorations.  That coupled with the fact that I’ve been wanting these things for the past several months.  Ryan says we’d need to paint the wall (a small one) black which I’m totally down to do, but I think he doesn’t believe me.  On a side note, have you ever visited Blik?  It’s the holy grail of wall decals (in my opinion).  Holy crap, you guys.  They have MUPPETS now!!!  Anyway, I want them.  A lot of them.  Of course, not all at the same time.  I’m not a crazy pants!  So take those reasons and ram them together with my OTHER obsession of trying to figure out a way to duplicate what I see for free/cheap and you get…WHAMMO….DIY wall decals.

Per usual, I labored over what I should do.  I had a lot of ideas, but I wanted it to be simple.  I mean, no need to kill myself coming up with some slammin’ idea if the stupid thing was going to be a complete bust.  Then I remembered how Ryan and I were talking a while  back about signs.  Actually, I don’t remember exactly what we talked about because I’m constantly coming at the poor guy with comments like “so…what if we did [insert wild idea here]??!!!”  But I swear I remember talking about funny signs and something for our bathroom.  Nothing gross like “if it’s yellow, let it mellow…”  (HA!  HA!  Have you ever heard that one?  So gross!)  I decided on a simple international sign for bathroom.

I set out on a quest for a good picture.  Then, I needed to find out how to do it.  SIKE!  I looked that up first.  I found a few different tutorials, but ended up using the one from How About Orange (have I ever mentioned how much I love that site?  I’m starting to feel a little stalky about it).  Per her suggestion, I drastically cut down the amount of starch/water  called for in the “recipe.”  In the end, I only needed about 1/4 cup to put this thing on the wall (seriously) which means I STILL ended up tossing out a ton of the solution.

The supplies you’ll need:

Fabric (I got mine in the remnant bin at Jo-Ann’s for like $1)
Whatever design you desire
Fabric stiffener (I’m adding this to the list because it made the cutting so much easier and cleaner when the fabric was already stiff, but it’s not a necessity)
Corn starch
Foam brush

So, you just trace the design onto your fabric, brush on the fabric stiffener (if you end up using it), let it dry, cut out the design, brush the starch solution over the fabric and stick it to the wall.  You just want to make sure the fabric is completely saturated with the solution and that you’ve smoothed out any air bubbles.  It’s really that easy.  I’ll be honest, after I brushed that stuff on the fabric, I had ZERO faith in the project.  I really thought there was no way in hell it wasn’t going to just end up sliding down the door when I turned my back.  But it totally didn’t and it really is sturdy (if that’s the word you’d use).  AND, I can apparently take it off someday without worrying about ruining the paint job I labored over.

More pix:

Oh, and Ted needs to use the bathroom, so hurry it up in there!!


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