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Ugly Wall Heater Cover

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This is something Ryan and I did 100 years ago (last January) and I realized that I never posted pictures here.  Let’s change that.

I’m not sure if those ugly wall heaters are everywhere or just in Southern California, but I have them.  And I hate them.  They are beyond ugly.  And since I live in Southern California, I rarely use them.  Actually, now that Ryan lives in the apartment, that slides down to basically never.  That kid is always hot!  Anyway, I took to one of my favorite websites, Ikea Hackers, to find a possible solution.  At first, I found this.  LOVE!!  Of course, our heater is tall as opposed to this air conditioning unit which means that there’d be some even larger thingy jutting from the wall instead of the nice little table/shelf this turned out to be.  We tossed around some variations.  I pushed REALLY hard to make this one work.  Especially the wood part.  I LOVE that mod zebra-type wood and this used Ikea flooring.  Flooring!  RIGHT?!  But in the end, Ryan came up with a MUCH better idea.  I totally love it.  So, here are some before and after pictures.  Oh, and sorry for the graininess.  For some reason I took them with my phone, even though we have a reasonably nice camera.  (Insert eye roll).  Smooth move, Ex-Lax.

Note that when I moved in, my TV was set up before I finished painting and I couldn’t move it out of the way to paint all the way to the floor.  Stay classy, Lizzie…

My old purplish couch!  I forgot about that!

The grey slipcover we initially used to cover the new Ikea couch, but had to get rid of because the cats thought its fabric was exactly the same as a scratching post! 

The flowery fabric I put under the glass cover on the coffee table that we replaced because it began to make my eyes bleed from its flowery-ness!


Now, I’d like to point out that we did get a couple of comments from Ikea Hackers readers that they thought it was a potential fire hazard.  Ryan could go on and on why he disagrees with that notion, but I’ll just say that even our landlord said it was fine.  He actually really liked it.  And, like I said, we never have the thing on.  Unless we have friends staying over who are wimps (I’m talking to you, Palm Springs people – tee hee).

Also, as a bragging point, not only was this “hack” accepted onto the Ikea Hackers website, it also got picked up by Apartment Therapy (Unplggd), so…just saying.  That we’re awesome.  Oh, and if you want the DIY(ish) instructions, hop on over to Ikea Hackers and take a gander.


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