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Bathroom Big Reveal!

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Remember a hundred years ago when I talked about how hideously ugly my bathroom is?  I shared my hopes and dreams of what it could look like if I were rich.  Well…that didn’t happen.  BUT, I did “transform” the room into a haven of wonderfulness.  Kinda.  I’ll give you the run-down.

This is before.  Now, in defense of these “before” pictures, I have to admit that I didn’t think to take the pictures until after I had removed all the shelves and decorations.  I also had already taped the mirror with painter’s tape.  So, it looks particularly awful.  But, nonetheless, here it is:

As you can tell, it’s very tiny.  Besides that, it’s kinda awful.  Seeing it now makes me feel sad.  Really, just embarrassed that I lived with a bathroom that ugly for as long as I did.  And when I initially painted, I knew I had gotten too dark of a green, but…GOOD NIGHT!  I really nailed it in my earlier post when I said it looks like pistachio ice cream!  ANYWAY, here’s the after.  It’s better, but don’t get your hopes up that it’s amazing or anything.

WWAAAAAAAYYYYY better, right?!  I painted the walls yellow, but the best idea was just to paint over that awful “wood” cabinet in grey.  It turned out better than I thought it would (I say patting myself on the back).  But none of this business is my favorite part.  My FAVORITE part is this:

It was so hard to get a picture of this without those blasted lights blaring in the camera’s face, so you might be scratching your head wondering what it is.  IT’S THE INSIDE OF MY MEDICINE CABINET!  I’ve been seeing pictures online of ways to jazz up things like bookshelves.  The things I liked the most looked like this.  It’s wallpaper!  So, I hopped onto the internet to snatch up some cute wallpaper and…that stuff is expensive!!!!  Well, the cute ones I wanted.  So, I looked up how to cheaply DIY wallpaper (I know, laughable).  I also searched through all the different kinds of Contact paper.  Thumbs down.  Then I looked up alternatives and realized…fabric!  I found this tutorial on how to make fabric into contact paper.  Done.  I searched through my favorite fabric source,, and found this.  I really wanted a pop of color.  Something to contrast the grey and yellow which was pretty, but a little boring in my book.

I kinda kept this portion on the DL because I had a sick feeling that Ryan was going to think I was a nutter for even attempting it.  And, especially, that he was going to poop all over my fabric color choice.  So, first I painted.  Easy peasy.  Well, not really.  As I was painting, I remembered that I hate painting.  Especially in tiny spaces.  I almost fell off that vanity top a dozen times.  Plus, there were some technical difficulties.  It’s a long story which I won’t go into.  Well, I’ll long/short it – the paint roller tubey thing didn’t fit on the paint roller and a new neighbor was moving in, so the driveway was completely blocked by a moving truck for HOURS.  I painted a good portion of the first coat with a medium-sized paint brush because I was too impatient to wait for Ryan to come home from work with a new roller.  Dumb.  My neck was KILLING me.

I finally got the guts to present the next project to Ryan.  Of course, he hated the fabric.  He actually just looked at me and scratched his head.  Then he said “ummmm…whatever you want is fine.”  LIAR!  So I pulled out some other fabric I had sitting around so that he could choose from those.  He chose the one we used.  It’s pretty, but it doesn’t have the pop I was going for.  I like it, though.  Oh, and he also nixed the whole gluing the fabric to contact paper.  He just double-sided taped it up there and I brushed some fabric stiffener on so that it wouldn’t look droopy.  The tape idea was a good one as the cabinet back wasn’t really flat.  There were some areas that were raised a bit and there were a few screw heads that stuck up a little.  But I wouldn’t recommend the fabric stiffener as it just made it wrinkle up on the bottom and look kinda dumpy.  But, Ryan kept assuring me that no one would see it as all of our toiletries (read:  crap) would be sitting on the shelves.  I think he just didn’t want to re-do it.  I’m kidding!  He’d totally re-do it if I asked.  But I won’t.  I’ll find another way to add a little pop of color in there. 

Total improvement, though, right?!  Kudos to us!!  Now I just have to figure out what “art” to put on the wall.  I’m still gunning to make that subway art stuff!!!  Wait, have I even told you guys about that?!  Maybe I was trying to keep it a secret so that EVERYONE wouldn’t do it.  Anyway, I’ll (obviously) let you know what I choose.


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  2. Really nice! Would not have thought of doing a bathroom in yellow and gray, but it looks great! Did you have any trouble painting over the “wood” of the vanity? You also changed the drawer pulls on it, yes?


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