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Tutorial Tuesday – Upcycled Sweaters!

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Upcycled.  Such a hilarious word to me.  Not REcycled.  We’re classier than that.  SO, in light of all these wonderful winter storms that have been plaguing a good portion of the country, I’ve decided to give you some tutorials on what you can make with some old sweaters you have sitting around.  Now that I think about it, though, you might be wearing some of those old sweaters.  OK.  You’ve got me there.  But I have a good idea – go splurge and buy some new ones!  Then take your old ones and do…this:

LOVE!  Of course, this tutorial features rosettes and you all know how much I love those.  And buttons!  But even without them, these are so freaking cool!

I just put up a post last week about upcycling (I don’t think I called it that, but whatever) old bangles, but this one just covers them with sweaters.  The picture posted above aren’t the ones featured in this tutorial, but they were so pretty that I had to use them.  I feel a little guilty about that.

OK, I’m cheating with this one since there’s really no tutorial, but I can tell you how it’s done.  1) cut sweaters into strips, 2) sew the strips together, and 3) quilt them with some sort of fabulous fabric backing.  Done and done.  Good grief, I want this one.  SO.  BADLY!  I think I would use flannel on the back.  I mean, I think I WILL use flannel.  WILL.  Because I WILL make this!

AAAHAHAHAHAHAA!  Right?!  This one goes out to you, Nuggies and Peno (my dogs by way of my sister-in-law).  Maybe I’ll make one for Ralph and Ted.  I’m sure they’d LOVE that.  Just like they’d LOVE it if I put them in doll clothes.  Not that I’d know how they’d feel about that because I’ve actually done it.  Seriously.  I’ve never tried it.  I’M NOT A CRAZY CAT LADY!!

Baby pants.  Hilarious.  Honestly, I would like these exact pants to lounge around the house in.  More so than these.  Side note – the commercial shows the people actually wearing these things while tailgating at a football game.  Yeah, something tells me that a guy waltzing around with those things on in a parking lot filled with Raiders fans wouldn’t really be the hit of the party.  And then they show him GOING INTO THE BATHROOM!  AT THE STADIUM!  WEARING THE OUTFIT!  Ryan actually tried to reenact what it would look like to try to poop wearing these on top of your jeans (which is one of their features).  Sure, it has a flap, it says.  But try pulling down your jeans UNDER there and then squaring up the poop flap.  These are things Ryan things about…

Wow – worst tangent ever.  I bet you all missed me while I was away!!!

P.S.  I threw away a lot of my sweaters when I moved to LA, so TO GOODWILL, GOOD SIR!  Unless you want to send me some.  I’m justing saying…


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