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Tutorial Tuesday – Bracelets!

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Bracelets sounds kinda boring, but I just had to share with you what I made and give you directions on how to make them yourselves.  Plus a few more.

I made these:

And this:

I’ll be honest, the bottom one is a little poopy even though there was a lot of effort put into braiding that thing.  It didn’t help that Ted was going insane in his attempts to play with/eat the embroidery floss.  I prevailed, though.  I think I may have to have another go at it to make it cuter.  But are those fabric bracelets not THE CUTEST??!!  Those, my friend, were easy peasy.

SO, in light of bracelets, here are a few tutorials (including the ones I used to make the ones above):

I didn’t make these exactly the same as the ones here.  Instead of rope, I used some old plastic bangle bracelets that I had hanging around.  If you don’t have anything like that, though, the rope idea is fantastic.  And who doesn’t have tons or rope lying around?  HA!  Joking.  Well, unless you’re a serial murderer or something.  OK, or unless you are making a lot of pulleys.  I don’t know, why else would have rope sitting around?  Maybe other people do.  Why am I getting off on this tangent? 

After seeing this picture again, I’m totally re-doing mine as I tried to wing it and do a different version.  I was in a hurry – remember Ted and his insanity?  Anyway, here’s the tutorial.

Yeah, this just got made.  Well, as soon as I buy the claspy thing.  Gorgeous!

Great Odin’s RAVEN!!  The clasp!!!  I think I just fainted…  I don’t think I want to give you this tutorial as I want to keep it and hoard it for myself.  But I’m nice, so here you go.  You’re welcome.

AHAHAHAHAA!  Remember these???  I think I made about a million of them in high school (back in 1875).  I remember that I taped them to a volume of the “Young Student’s Encyclopedia” that my dad bought us.  That’s probably the most use it got.  Apparently, they’re back in style (the bracelets, not the encyclopedia).  Or, according some people, they never went out of style (wrong)?  A word of caution if you make these – read up on them as they might mean something like “I will murder someone for money” if it has red and blue stripes in it or something.  I’m kidding.  But you never know with bracelets these days.  Kids…

So…RELEASE THE KRACKEN!  HA!  I have no idea what that means.  It’s a dragon or something, right?  It’s your figurative craft dragon.  Let’s pretend…


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  1. Love it!! I want to make the rope bracelet. I need to go shopping!


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