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Party Friday – Dessert Trays!

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I’m a little obsessed with dessert trays.  I’ve got two of these things in our TINY apartment.  The one pictured above is permanently displayed on the buffet in the “dining room” and the other I use to house some of my jewelry.  But I want more.  I keep seeing them on various DIY sites and  almost have to close the browser window immediately because I know Ryan would have me committed to the loony bin if I even contemplated making another one. 

ANYWAY, these things are a total piece of cake to make.  HA!  Get it?  Cake!  Because this is a dessert tray!  I know, you can’t really put a cake on this particular one, but it was a little funny.  OK.  Back to the assembling.  All you need are some plates, vases or candlesticks (whatever you want to separate each plate) and some sort of epoxy.  Everything I used in the picture is either from a thrift store or a dollar store.  That means it cost about $8.  Yeah, that’s it.  I really don’t think I need to say more than this:  decide what order you want them in and then you glue them all together.  Of course, let it dry for a while before you put all your goodies on it.  Unless you want to poison people with epoxy.  Or are making epoxy cookies or something.  I’m assuming epoxy is poison.  Listen, just to be safe, let it sit for 24 hours.  Just to be safe…

So, as I said above, I do stumble across other ones I want to make.  I said I ALMOST have to close the browser window, but…I don’t always.  I sometimes make a note for a future DIY project.  Who knows, maybe I’ll become rich and I’ll buy a mansion with a dessert tray room.  Laugh your head off.  Didn’t Tori Spelling’s mom have THREE gift-wrapping rooms in her palace/house?  Yeah, she did.  Look it up.

But if you’re dumb and don’t want to make the kind of dessert tray I made and are in desperate need of a different kind, here are a few other tutorials.

Have you ever had these cake pop thingies?  Do they just sell them at Starbucks?  That can’t be right.  There’s probably a cake pop store somewhere here in LA by now.  But these things present a unique (first world) “problem” as you can’t lay them down on a tray.  I say can’t like they would spontaneously combust.  It just would make them ugly looking.  Or smooshed.  Regardless, you don’t have to worry because you can make this out of styrofoam, wrapping/scrapbook paper and glue.  Done and done.

I know this is a little middle earth, but it’s super pretty.  Admit it.  You do need a saw and a clamp, but that doesn’t seem THAT hard.  You could always have the guy at Home Depot cut it.  Or maybe that’s just wood they sell.  Maybe it would be a bit weird to walk in with a log and ask them to cut.  A little Twin Peaks.

If you’ve ever been to a dollar store you’ve seen that they almost always have those weird metal things that strangely go over the burners on a stove.  I have.  And I wonder who in the world still uses them.  Or ever used them.  If you do you use them or ever used them, please accept my apology.  But please also e-mail me and tell me why because I genuinely don’t understand why.  ANYWAY, this is made from those!!!!!  And, of course, some sort of separator (these are wooden thingies that have been spray painted) and scrapbook paper.  Or you could use fabric!  I’m totally getting into using fabric as paper.  I’ve got a secret project going on now that will knock your socks off.  Well, if I can pull it off.  I digress…per usual.

I don’t know if you know this, but they sell cardboard cake/dessert plates that you can put together yourself.  But they are a TOTAL snoozefest.  So, this clever girl, jazzed one up with some maps.  Of course, you could use whatever paper you wanted – wrapping paper (from Tori Spelling’s mom’s house, maybe) or scrapbook paper.  OR FABRIC!!!!  GAH!!!

So, I think you get it.  You can buy a dessert tray which I think are, like, a million dollars (okay, a little less than that) OR you can make one.  And it’ll be customized to your awesomeness.  You could always glue pictures of me all over it as I gave you the idea.  I’m not opposed to any sort of homage.


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  1. Oooh, I like the one with the maps!

    My “dining room” is my “art room” now, once I accepted I was probably never going to have anyone over here for dinner. I’m way too disorganized for that sort of thing.

    I have a Christmas dessert tray that I got as a gift. I have craved this one for years:

    Maybe in my next life?


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