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Tutorial Tuesday – Quilling!

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What’s quilling?  Quilling is awesome.  OK, I’ll be serious.  Quilling is this.  This is my new obsession.  Obviously, I cannot start quilling now.  Why?  Because Ryan will straight up murder me if I add another thing to my DIY plate.  BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t start coming up with some ideas for later…tee hee.

SO.  First off, here’s a basic tutorial to get you started.   But, more importantly, here are some ideas/inspiration.  Some of them are tutorials, but others aren’t.  I figure that once you’ve got the basics down, it’s pretty much a blank canvas.

Quilled monogram.  Maybe this called my name because it’s typography which you all know I LOVE.  But probably more because it’s so pretty!!

Whoa.  Quilled aluminum.  Super cool.  And it’s made out of those disposable pans you can get at the supermarket!

Quilled heart.  Good grief.  I love this.  And this tutorial gives about a thousand (three) different ideas on where to display this beauty.

Quilled cards are the most popular uses for quilling it seems.  This one is SO pretty.

So, that’s a good start.  As usual, there are about a million more tutorials and ideas out there.  In fact, here’s a website with a lot more.  As I mentioned before, I won’t get to attempting these any time soon, but let me know if you do!  Well, maybe I’ll squeeze something in.  Shhhh…don’t tell Ryan.


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  1. Glamping, quilling… my vocabulary is expanding! I also heart typography. Love the second H, especially the way the strips look like they go through the edges of the letterform. (I looked at the tutorial and saw that they’re perfectly lined up rather than actually passing through the perimeter; I’ll bet that is a LOT harder to do than it looks.) Great wedding or baby gift!!!

    • Oh man, that would be an AWESOME baby gift! I’m so itching to try this. Maybe I’ll try it on a teeny tiny scale before I go nuts crazy on a full-blown project.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring my quilled aluminum snowflake! I was honored to have my project included with such great quilling styles!


  3. Oh my goodness! Every picture you posted is gorgeous! I love the necklace especially! What a cool talent! I wonder if I could add a few more hours to the day so I could give it a shot. Hmmm….

  4. Hi Lizzie! Its Amanda from Stef’s office. I am obsessed with Quilling!! Not sure what I’m going to make but I def need to do this. So many possibilities…


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