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Colette Ginger Skirt

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I’m almost done with the skirt I want to make before I go to NYC.  It’s the Ginger pattern from Colette.  Why haven’t I finished it yet, you ask?  Because I have to install an invisible zipper.  Not only does the thought of zipper attachment instill a sense of horror inside my bones, apparently an invisible zipper requires a special invisible zipper foot for your sewing machine.  Grrrr.  I’ve ordered it and should have it in the next few days.  I better.  Anyway, here’s the progress so far:

I see that I put the skirt on the form a little askew.  Darn it.  But isn’t the fabric pretty?!!  I love it!!  And Ralph…  He’s such a Nosy McNoserson.  Oh, and notice that Joan (the dress form) is now covered up a little more.  My friend said she felt a little pervy seeing her topless.  Especially since I had a skirt and necklace on her.  And, I’ll be honest, it was worse after I padded the form out to be my measurements.  Side note – looking at your headless doppelgänger isn’t fun.  Let’s just say there was a LOT of padding that needed to be added to hips and butt vicinity to create the replica.  Must.  Start.  Running.  Again.

Anyway, hopefully it’ll all be done by next week.  Hopefully…


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