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Altering Jeans

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OK.  Am I the only one out there who has THE HARDEST time finding jeans that fit?  I mean, in a lot of ways, but I’m talking about length.  It’s like the jeans were made with Stretch Armstrong in mind.  Years ago I used to just put them back on the shelf/hanger.  I knew that I could roll them under and pin them, but then they’d look altered because the ding dang bottom cuff thingy would be gone.  Hideous.  So then I switched to a tailor.  Side note – do all the tailors outside of LA have autographed pictures of a thousand celebrities on their walls?  Because every tailor/dry cleaner I’ve walked into here has a ton.  Some of them are big names, like Prince (apparently, the tailor Ryan used did some alterations on the Purple Rain “outfit” and had framed newspaper articles about the concert – weird), but a lot of them are people from soap operas or better yet – telenovellas.  Dios mio…

ANYWAY, back to the jeans.  I took them to the tailor and was charged $20 (I know…) for altering a pair of jeans that I probably bought at Target for $20.  I will say this, though.  I stared and stared at those jeans to figure out how in the WORLD they did it.  I couldn’t find where they cut off and sewed the original cuff back on.  It was like magic. 

So, get ready to have your mind blown!!  These are jeans I just altered MYSELF!

Granted, you could stare and stare at these jeans up close for about a millisecond before you saw how I did it.  But unless you’re a couple of inches away from that hem, they look totally normal.  And I just saved myself $20!  And it was SO EASY!  Here’s a tutorial which I am very highly recommending. 

See ya Tailor to the Stars!


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  1. I gave up on jeans years ago. They squeeze my tummy too tightly. I do miss the look, though. I’m forever in search of a perfect pair of pants.


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