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Party Friday – Favors!

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Not favors like “you scratch my back, I scratch yours.”  Party favors!  I know some people hate these things.  They can be expensive and sometimes they can be a snoozefest.  But I LOVE them.  I love making them (duh) and I love getting them.  Even the jordan almonds in netting.  I mean, who doesn’t love jordan almonds?  No one, that’s who.  So, here are a few ideas for party favors that I’ve collected.  I wish I could show you the adorable mirrors (for the girls) and bottle openers (for the boys) I made for one of my parties, but the pictures are lost forever because of a hard drive crash.  I don’t want to talk about it…


Recipe favors.  Not only are these simple with a touch of cute, but they’re inexpensive.  Of course, you may not have a local grits farm (?), but you can put anything in there – cookie mix, hot chocolate mix, Bisquick (that would actually be a favor to me because I love Bisquick muffins).  Put the mix in a baggie inside the paper bag, of course.  I know that sounds obvious, but I just want to cover my bases.  And these buttons…love!  Here’s a tutorial on making fabric buttons.  OR, you could just use real buttons.  Or pins.  Or ANYTHING.  But I love big fabric buttons.  My two cents…

Remember when I talked about the jordan almonds in the netting?  How about jordan almonds in these?  Or macaroons.  YUM!

I think I’ve posted about s’mores before, but…GAH!!!  I LOVE s’mores!!!  Well, I think I can eat one and then I’m pretty much at sweet tilt, but heavens to murgatroid.  They are heavenly.  And how perfect would they be if you were having a little backyard BBQ!  Or, if you’re like me, whenever the heck you want!  Here’s a little fancier tutorial.

If you’re a audiophile and have a kickin’ soundtrack to your party, hand that puppy out!  I was at a party that gave these out and I LOVED it!  Of course, I would have been happy with aforementioned jordan almonds, but this is beyond cool.  I mean, the label looks like a freaking 45 record aka a “little record.”  I know some people won’t have a clue what that is.  Oh man, and you could incorporate these things in there!  I have no idea how, but GAH!  Right?!

So, that’s a start.  I’m always stumbling upon new stuff, so…sit tight.  There’ll be more.


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