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YOU GUYS, I’M GOING TO NYC IN OCTOBER!!  Can you feel the excitement in my air?  I.  Can.  Not.  Wait.  Not only will I be able to zip around the City like I’m Somebody McSomebodyerson, but I get to spend a few days with my WONDERFUL sister and her awesome and adorable family!  I promise, I will try to tone down the exclamation points in this post, but I won’t make any promises. 

Anyway, in light of the trip, I’ve been thinking about a few things.  The first one is, and this is going to sound so dumb, that I want a luggage tag.  I know, right?  Stupid.  But when I went to Europe a couple of years ago, I went a little nutso for travel-type stuff and I got one (which I somehow now lost).  They are awesome because they help you easily identify your bag on the luggage thingy!  Or, in my worst nightmare, recognize that someone else is about to TAKE your bag.  Granted, my suitcase is one of the Graves designs from Target and, in true wonky Graves style,  literally looks like the bottom of a cello case (without the neck part), so it’s not really THAT hard to spot it.  But…whatever.  What if someone else has a REAL cello case and they think that it’s their cello, but the neck has somehow snapped off!  See, that won’t happen if I have a luggage tag.  So, I could take that worry right off my worry plate.

Of course, I’m not going to buy a luggage tag.  Duh.  I totally would, but I can make one with my SEWING MACHine (I’m imagining that being said in a sing-song voice by a shouty Oprah Winfrey for some reason).  So, something like this:

[Fabric Luggage Tag – Skip To My Lou]

[Round luggage tag – Craft Apple]

Next, a toiletries bag.  I actually made one of these for Ryan as a gift, but I have material to make one for myself too.  I’ve been dragging my feet because sewing with oilcloth is not easy.  But now I’ve read up on ways to make it easier, so this will be happening sooner rather than later. 

[Toiletries Bag – Prudent Baby]

What else do I want (and why am I so wanty), you ask?  A coat.  I might be pushing it with this one.  I mean, there will be no making of a coat as that would be insanely hard (side note – I am making at least one skirt).  Plus I have a coat (aaahhhbviously), but it’s an LA coat.  I think that it would maybe rate a 2 on ModCloth’s 5 star coat warmth scale.  Plus, I’m worried that what east coasters would give a level 3 warmth rating, I would find it to be more like a level 1 because I’ve been away from the cold for so long that I will be freezing to death!  I mean, my seat warmers get turned on when it hits 60 degrees here.   Anyway, here are the ones I want (but will realistically never get):

Question – are these things actually in style or is ModCloth totally messing with me?  There are no less than 5 on their website.  I think I could rock it, but I don’t want people snickering at me when I turn my back/cape.

Update – my sister just informed me that she bought the coat pictured below and that I am welcome to borrow it while I’m there.  And, it’s in writing on Facebook, so she can’t pretend like she never said it!  Well, I guess she could just delete the post.  Regardless, I’m wearing it even if I have to snatch out of her cold, dead hands.  Which would be gross, but totally worth it.

Really, Lizzie, there’s more?!  Yes!  I want comfy shoes to walk in as well.  I don’t want to farmer it around in sneaks, for Pete’s sake!  I have a great and comfy pair of shoes, but they’re open toed and I tried that in London one September and basically got looks of disdain.  OK, the looks were for the flip flops I had on in the very chilly London air, but still…I’ll wear shoe shoes.   This will take lots more research as I need to not only shoes that are weather appropriate, but they also need to be comfy.  Like walk-around-a-city-for-an-entire-day comfy.  So…to the hunt!

In the meantime, I will dream about that awesome faux leopard fur coat.  And how I may have to murder my sister to get at it.  It’s real threat, Julie.  I will take you down.  I’m just KEEEEDing!  Or am I…


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