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Tutorial Tuesday – Knitting!

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Welcome to the weekly tutorials!!  As you all know, it’s technically fall now (even though the weather hasn’t remotely changed here in LA), so it makes me turn to one of my first crafty loves, KNITTING!!  I love knitting.  I went through a crazy knitting phase with two of my friends a few years ago.  I knit so much that I was sure I had arthritis because my fingers hurt so bad.  The problems with knitting are 1) it’s really not cost-effective as yarn can be pretty expensive which  means you just have to realize that you’re knitting for the wonderfulness of having something handmade; and 2) it’s too ding dang warm out here to enjoy anything warm for more than a month.  And believe me, I’ve tried to just go with it.  I think I have about ten knitted scarves sitting at home.  I think I even have mittens somewhere which is full-on insane.  But not everyone lives here in the Sunshine State (or is that Florida?).  So, in light of the cooling down season, here’s a list of my most recently coveted knitting tutorials.  As you can see, I’ve had to veer away from clothing and include housewares.   

Let’s do this…

The Puff Daddy Poof.  There are smaller versions of this, but I want to make this one!!  It’s like a cool beanbag chair.  Side note – is it me, or did the little styrofoam pellets in beanbag chairs kinda give you a headache?  It smelled like it had just been dipped in something that had a skull and crossbones on the bottle.  Or had a Mr. Yuck sticker on it.  Remember those!  Maybe it was just me, though.

Hats are something that I CAN wear here during the “winter.”  Just ask the greasy-haired kids who walk around with those slouchy hats all SUMMER long at Venice Beach.  I’m talking about you as well, Brad Pitt.  Gack.  But I love hats to begin with and as a bonus, caps are crazy pants easy to knit.  I’ve always wanted to try cable knit (which looks kinda hard), so voila – a cable knit cap.  It even has some eyelet stitches!

Speaking of cable knit, GAH!!!!  I don’t know if it’s just the purse or the combination of it with the stinking ribbon, but you guys, I wanty this purse!!

Good grief.  How pretty this pillow?????  I’ll have to hold off on this one for a while since I currently have about 10 pillows (okay, four) on my couch.  I think Ryan would think I’d lost my mind if I started making this.  So…later, my precious…

I actually made this purse.  Well, not the one pictured above, but one just like it.  I wish I had made this one because that color is so pretty!  I guess I should just take a picture of the one I made.  Maybe I will tonight.  ANYWAY, this is a type of knitting that’s called felting.  Felting flips the script on knitting.  HA!  I’m so JWoww.  What you do is loosely knit a shape and then wash the heck out of it to tighten up the wool.  This is the outcome.  I LOVE the way it looks, but since I don’t have a washing machine handy, it presents a little bit of a problem.  Oh, and instead of knitting, you could use a wool sweater that you find at a thrift store!  Technically, no knitting required!

I guess I’m going a little cable knit crazy, but this change purse was too adorable NOT to post.  And it’s lined with a zipper!

In closing, I’m going to give you a little word of advice about knitting, though.  If you’re knitting something as a gift, don’t expect the giftee to explode with excitement at the sight of it.  I once read in a knitting book that the best people to give knitted gifts are other knitters because only they realize the time and money (and blood, sweat and tears) that went into it.  Someone else might be all “oh, I saw something like this (only better) on sale at Target for $5.”  Rip said knitted item out of their hands and slap them in the face.  Or sweetly smile, say thanks and realize that they are a terrible person inside.  JOKING!  Maybe just stick to making things for yourself.  Or people who have seen you slaving away for hours with huge metal/wooden sticks in your hands and wouldn’t be all “big whoop.”  My two cents.


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  1. California is the Golden State.
    And New York is the Empire State, which I always want to pronounce Napoleonically, i.e., “ahm-peer.” People don’t get it, bien sûr.


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