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Mad Men Cocktail Party, Part 3

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I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath for the final Mad Men Cocktail Party installment.  Well, you probably were in 2007.  I still cannot believe I’m just now getting into this show because I love it so much.

ANYWAY…this is the decorations/ambience post.  You can dress up all snazzy (duh) and have lots of cocktails and appetizers, but you’ve gotta have the right vibe.  Here are some suggestions:

First off, you need good music.  You can buy the music that was on Season 1 of Mad Men, but there are plenty of cocktail party mixes out there as well.  Or, if you’re like me and have a friend who is a DJ on the side, you can just suck up REALLY hard and beg them to create something special for you. 

Next…drinkware.  These people drank like fish and they NEVER drank out of plastic cups.  Maybe they weren’t invented yet.  And when they weren’t swigging directly from the bottle, they usually poured their liquor out of decanters.  That they kept in their office.  For their 10 am drinks.  I digress…  If you want to have a super classy party, use real glasses.  I know, plastic is so much easier and cheaper.  But if you check out some thrift stores, you can find some pretty good deals on all sorts of glassware.  AND if you have an Ikea in your area, check them out.  Like, pronto.  You can get these for $2.99!

And a six-pack of  lowball glasses for $4.99!

If you want to fancy it up a bit, you can get these, these, or these.  They also have carafes and pitchers.  I mean, Ikea…  It’s the best. I love it.  This guy knows what I mean.  Also check out their serving dishes (I LOVE this one!) and paper napkins.  They’re cheap and super cute.

Speaking of napkins, I’ll be honest – I like the paper ones from Ikea, but I really love “real” napkins.  You know, the cloth variety.  You can get some on Etsy and eBay OR…you can think outside the box.  You can make them.  You only need a sewing machine (obviously), a little fabric, a spool of thread, and the ability to sew a straight line.  For reals.  You can buy retro fabric (Fabricworm is my new non-stop shop for fabric) and whip some out in no time.

RIGHT??!!!  Here are some other cute ideas:

Embroidered napkins

Linen solids

Vintage hankies

Last, decor.  Since we all can’t all run out and buy Eames, Herman Miller and other wonderful mod things, here are a few DIY decorating ideas:

Veneer Woven Lamp – you can hang these with LED lights inside.

Hemp pendants – LED lights…I’m telling you.

DIY milk glass vases

Toilet paper roll wall art yeah, you read that correctly.

Styrofoam and fabric wall art

DIY marquee letter – my dream idea is to make a word like “Cocktails” and hang it over the bar area.  A bit ambitious.

So…what do you think?  I cannot wait until the next season starts because I am totally doing this!!!  And…I’ll probably do the photo booth as well.  That’s how I roll.


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  1. That toilet paper roll wall hanging creates such beautiful shadows. It would take a long time to go through that much TP, though! 64 rolls. Maybe the artist has a big family. Clearly I would have to switch brands — not only do I buy the 1,000-sheet rolls, which take a while for two people to use, but the paper is also glued to the cardboard tube in the middle and doesn’t come off entirely when I go to put the cardboard in the recycling bin. Clinging toilet paper would NOT look good in that artwork. I’m so happy to share these details with you.

    Better that I stick to aspiring toward the paint-chip piece.


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