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I live in an apartment.  It’s pretty darn small, the lighting is AWFUL and the view outside both my kitchen and bathroom windows is of another apartment building.  But I totally love it anyway.  I love the location, the amount of storage space I have, and our kitchen (well, minus the aforementioned view).  Since real estate is so expensive here in LA, our chances of owning a home are a million to one.  Well, maybe not that bad if we moved out of the Santa Monica, but…I don’t want to.  It’s pretty here!

One of the biggest downfalls to renting an apartment is the fact that in order to milk as much money as possible from tenants, landlords install the CRAPPIEST things.  For example, our current bathroom contains this hot mess.

Here’s the line-up.  This cabinet (side note – one of the drawers is jacked up and you need to pull super hard to open it).  I think I die a little inside every time I look at that thing.  It also features a countertop made of green granite that’s chipped in a few places.  I know, it’s granite.  But it’s also green.  If only it were black or white.  I mean, those go with everything!  Nope, green.  The medicine cabinet is so awful that I almost didn’t include it in the picture as it might induce vomiting.  Go get a bucket, just in case.  Oh, and the light fixture…no words.

And if those, in the pristine form shown above, aren’t hideous enough on their own, it’s worse.  A year ago, we had to set off a flea bomb.  I know, kinda gross.  The directions said to tape off any medicine cabinets, food cupboards, etc. to make sure none of the poison contaminated anything.  I don’t think Ryan was going to do it as he thought it was a little overkill, but I was so worried that I’d end up blinded by tainted contact solution, that he finally agreed and covered the cracks with painter’s tape.  After the bomb poison dissipated, he took the tape off.  And half of the wood finish.  I guess “wood finish” means an overlay of paper that is made to look like wood.  I’m being stone cold serious.  It’s PAPER.  And now, it kinda looks like this.  Ugh.

My solution – spend thousands of dollars and make the bathroom of my dreams.  Not.  BUT, I can paint everything.  The walls are currently painted a light green that turned out to be WAY brighter than I imagined.  It kinda looks like pistachio pudding.  Pretty, but the bathroom is TINY, so it’s a bit over-powering.  Blah, blah, blah, here’s my inspiration:


I see the common thread – green, blue, glass tiles and zebra wood…I love you all with my entire heart and soul!  I wish I could paint the world in zebra wood.  It would be a bit dark, but I’m used to that living in my apartment.  And if I could coerce my in-house tiler into re-tiling the floor, I’d beg for this:

Hexagon!!!  I love the retro feel.  I lived in an apartment once that had tiles like this and I loved it!  I don’t know, though.  Ryan thinks tiny and/or glass tiles end up looking like butt, so I’m sure he’d nix that.  I’m saying all this like it’s going to happen.  Oh well…a girl can dream.


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