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For those of you who don’t know me, I have a regular, old office job.  One that can be filled with a lot of down time.  So, I need to find things to fill my long and sometimes EXTREMELY boring day.  I’ve tried many things.  I played LOTS of Facebook games.  I knew I was addicted when I once yelled at Ryan that I HAD to use the computer right this minute as my Macaroni and Cheese was going to spoil if I didn’t take it off the stove.  And if that happened, I wouldn’t be able to finish my catering order.  [Record scratch].  Sadly, it took me a few more months to realize that I needed to call it a day with the games.  I’m 93 days clean, though.

Anyway, stopping the games led me to my new obsession – DIY blogs – which lead me to this inspiration.  What do I have in my office?  A window?  Check.  Post-It notes?  Check!  Like check times a thousand because they must be in every color of the rainbow.  But I didn’t want to dilute the purity of the design, so I chose standard yellow.  Plus, I didn’t want to go to the supply room.  Yes, the picture above is my actual office.

After putting this up, I got some looks.  A few people thought it was a butterfly.  Others just looked at it and scratched their head.  One person actually asked me if I was trying to somehow strategically block out the sun.  Yeah…  The only one who got it was the IT guy which was totally awesome.  But when one of the partners came in and commented on it, I decided I should probably take it down.  He laughed about it, but I just had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I was going to get a call from the office administrator that would lead to an embarrassing conversation about what would happen if a client walked by (which never happens) and saw it.  I would feel like saying that if they were “cool,” they’d laugh and think I was awesome!  Yeah…I just took it down.

Well, not completely.  Sike, office job!  I figured that if I can have pictures on the wall, I could put this pup on the wall.  I mean, if someone can hang something their kid finger-painted, why can’t I have a Post-It note space invader?  Maybe I’d just tell them Ralph did it and I didn’t want to hurt his little kitty feelings by taking it down.

BAM!  I’ll keep you Post-It on whether or not I’m asked to shut it down.  (HA!!  Get it???!!!  I should have written posted, but I wrote Post-It!  I should be a stand-up comedian!) 

Side note.  While taking these pictures, I thought people might get a kick out of something else I have in here.  By way of background, in the corporate law field whenever a deal closed, you would get a “deal toy.”  Well, this is before the market tanked.  Now we get a firm handshake, if that.  Oh, and by “you would get a deal toy,” I mean no one in your pay grade – only the higher-ups.  The form of the deal toy ran the gamut.  They would do cutesy things like if it was a shoe company, the toy would be a tiny shoe with the deal information on it.  I don’t need to give another example as I’m sure you get the idea.  For some reason, these things were like gold to me.  They were the ring to my Golem.  So when a partner asked me if I wanted one from a deal that had just closed, I about snatched it out of his hands.  My precious…  I guess they had an extra one, so it was either me or the garbage.  Whatever.  Fast forward years later.  My friend (who rudely moved to our Washington DC office and left me here to rot) is sitting in my office and blurts out, “Are you kidding me?  Have you not seen what I did to that deal toy?”  I turn around to find this:

WWWAAAAAAAALLLLLLTTTTTT!!!!!  HA!  Right?  Oh Lost…I miss you so, so much.  Why did you leave me all alone?  Oh, and as this was not a boating company, I have no idea why the deal toy consisted of a weird boat, but it was the most perfectest Lost boat.


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  1. I’ll be honest the first time I saw your window posts I thought it was a design of someone waving a one-finger wave…but then my awesome nerdtastic self came back to reality and saw it for its awesomeness. LOVE IT!!! And whoever the loser is in DC, first, they suck; two, they are miserable, and three, was a pure genius to make your deal toy worthwhile. I’m just saying!

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