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IT’S DONE!!!  Cute, right?  I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  As much as I hoped they would just hop up there because they loved it so much, Ryan put catnip on it to entice them.  Ted seems to like it more than Ralph, but maybe because it’s a medium-sized suitcase and Ralph is an extra-large apparently.  I didn’t realize how big that cat is!  Anyway, did you notice the little picture?  I was going to put a picture of me (tee hee), but instead I decided to make a little plaque for them.

Here are action shots of the cats sitting on it (aka getting high on catnip):

I TOLD YOU GUYS RALPH WAS BIG!!  Poor thing.  And I swear I didn’t position him like that.  He was sniffing the catnip apparently and didn’t want to attempt to go up on it.  Whatever.  I think they probably prefer sleeping like this anyway:

No, you cannot steal my adorable kitties…


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  1. Oh my word, they are so adorable! I am a sucker for orange kitties. I’ve always wanted one. Maybe one day Norman can have a orange-sicle friend! Is Ralph a Ragdoll?

    • I always call Ted my creamsicle!!! LOL. Ralph is a rescue, but I think he’s part Maine Coon. I only say that because he is ginormous, has very long hair and is the most easily-trainable cat I’ve ever seen. I guess those are all characteristics. But he’s really just a mutt.


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