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Quilt, Chapter 1

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Even though, I have two incomplete projects going on right now, I decided to start a new one – a quilt for our bed.  VERY ambitious, I know.  The picture above is of the beginning stages.  I’ve even pointed out the mistake that’s been driving me nuts crazy which I will have to fix.  Boo. 

I’ve been searching and searching for what I wanted and was inspired by this.  I’m not going to promise that I will work on this exclusively until it’s finished, so you may have to wait to see it completed.  I started this past weekend and I think I have the hang of the pattern.  Hopefully.  But I want to make a queen-sized comforter, so it’s going to be a slow process. 

Here’s the beautiful fabric I bought:.

It doesn’t look like it goes together that well, but it does in person.  It’s very pretty.

Now.  In order to dissuade anyone who may think I’m a project non-finisher, I’m going to give a run-down on the outstanding projects I currently have:

1) The penny wall (yeah, remember that from my post 100 years ago?) is about half done and since the pennies are currently stacked up to my face, Ryan said he’d finish it from here. I won’t lie and say it was easy.  I mean, it’s not hard to glue pennies to a wall, but it’s very time-consuming.  And starting from the floor is back-breaking.  Well, neck-hurting.  I was so happy when I got up to the point where I was actually standing and gluing instead of sitting on the ground or hunching over in a chair.  I’ll take some progress pix and put them up as it does look really cool already.  Hopefully I’ll be able to nicely motivate Ryan to finish it.  He did just buy a new video game, though, so that may prove to be a little harder than I think.

2) The Ted Bed is very close to being done.  I finally finished the quilted bed part and have the suitcase.  Ryan now has all the supplies necessary to attach the legs and has figured out a way to keep the lid open to prevent any kitty harm.  I think it’ll be done by this weekend.  I hope.  Don’t quote me on that.  See previous statement about a new video game.


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