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This is what my current craft room looks like:

HA!  Get it?!  It looks like a leprechaun because LIKE a leprechaun, it doesn’t exist!  I SLAY myself sometimes.  Anyway, because of this sad, sad space void, my craft supplies are strewn throughout our tiny apartment in various boxes and bins that are tucked away in closets and cabinets.  This means that when I’m working on a project (uhhh…all the time), there is stuff laying everywhere because it’s too much of a pain to pack and unpack it every day (read:  I’m too lazy to pack and unpack it everyday).  I didn’t think too much about it until my husband pointed out in a nice way that, well, that there was stuff laying everywhere.  All the time.  Poor guy.

Because I am a glutton for punishment, I occasionally look around my subscribed blogs (by the way people, SUBSCRIBE TO THIS BLOG!!!) at other people’s craft room pictures.  They’re all so wonderful, but on a level I hope they all implode because I’m so jealous.  I mean, check this out:

Blegh.  Whatever.  I hate you people with the fire of a thousand suns.  Meaning, you are all so creative and I am beyond jealous of the amazing rooms you’ve decorated! 

Oh, but I did promise my husband that I’d keep the stuff-laying-around to a minimum.  Boo.  He’s a total party pooper.  I know he secretly loves staring at my glue gun on the dining room table.  Don’t deny it, Ryan…


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