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Ok.  I’ve apparently moved on to my next obsession – quilting.  It started when I did I test run for the kitty bed pillow a couple of weeks ago.  It turned out “eh.”  (I’ll post pix, I swear).  It’s just very standard “quilty” with no pizzazz.  I already bought the new material and now just have to wait patiently (not my strong point) for the suitcase to come so that I can measure the pillow size that will fit to perfection.  In looking up quilting techniques and for some tutorials, I realized the following:  I.  Must.  Make.  A.  Quilt.  Of course, that’s after the myriad of other projects I have on hand.  But, check this business out!

There is a story on this blog as to why the quilt says this.  But I think mine would just say “Wow.”  Funny, right?  Unless I do this:

This one would obviously be in comforter form:

And I love this one even though it’s really for a baby.  As my husband always shouts, “I’M THE BABY!!” 

So, it’s slotted into the list of projects now.  At this point, it’s at about #20 since my list keeps getting longer and longer.  At least my sewing machine is getting lots of use!  If only money were such a pesky problem, I could stay home and craft all day long.  Stupid money.


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