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First off, I completely apologize to my five (probably more like two) readers.  I’ve got a lot of finished projects, but pictures are the problem.  If it just weren’t so ding dang dark in our apartment!  But I promise I will get on the ball. 


Now…back to the project at hand.  I GOT AN ADORABLE KITTEN!!!  We named him Ted (pictured above, obviously) and he is a cutie pie and pretty much a crazy pants.  So far, he and our current cat, Ralph, look like they’re going to be best buds.   

In the process of kitten hunting on PetFinder, I realized I needed kitten accoutrements.  See, our previous older cat had a wealth of issues which meant that little beds and pillows and [insert other cute pet things here] were out of the question.  But now that I have a baby kitty on board, I *need* stuff.  Enter the bed idea.  His current bed is a little on the girly side (it was on sale, what can I say) and, let’s face it, kinda ugly.  I don’t want the typical pillow.  Zzzzzz.  Amirite?  Plus, Ralph & Ted deserve the coolest stuff ever.  Side note, God help us all if I ever have kids.  So, I searched and searched through the “zzzzzzz” only to stumble upon this concept:


Has your heart exploded from the adorableness yet?  If not, you are dead inside.  I mean, COME ON!!!!!  Cute overload!!!  But the suitcase isn’t enough.  I want the pillow part to be special as well.  I know there’s a whole bunch of super cool and modern material out there, but I found this and thought I’d give it a go. 

Well, this kinda.  I don’t want to do a rainbow (unless I embroider a unicorn on it), but I want to do a gradient from green to blue.  I’m a little obsessed with gradients at the moment.  So, like this only green to blue.

The vintage suitcase (light blue with a polka dot interior) and legs have been purchased.  Now I just have to buy the material, a cheap pillow insert and get to business.  And I’m totally putting pictures on the top open part of the suitcase like the 3rd picture.  They’ll all be of my face.  OK.  Maybe one of Ryan’s.  Oh, and since I want to attach the legs with screws which will call for drilling holes, this is a Ryan-involved project.  Poor guy.  But I can’t wait to see the finished product!


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  1. ME NEITHER!!! I can’t wait to hear how it turns out. Such a BRILLIANT idea!! I want one! For Coby… or maybe I should get a cat so I can get it a cute bed like this!


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