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Bedroom Redo

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Sorry for the delay in posting this, but I was just waiting for Ryan to hang everything on the the wall, which he did today.  SO, some of you may know that we redecorated the bedroom.  It was actually brought on by necessity as we had completely run out of space.  I was stretching it when I was by myself here, but when Ryan moved in, there wasn’t nearly enough room.  And the furniture was a little old, ugly and clunky, so…REDO!  Literally all the new furniture is from Ikea which I know some people hate (my sister, Sally), but I seriously love it all!  I would like to sit in this little slice of paradise all day, every day.  Below are some before and after shots.  Oh, and you’ll notice that we have a marquee sign now.  I’d like to boast that we did the DIY project, but….I found someone on Etsy who makes them (all vintage-y looking!) and I decided to just buy one.  I know, I feel a little guilty myself.  But my lomo picture blew up pretty nice!



The marquee letter!!!

Before: (this one looks a bit like a garbage dump since we had NO space and things were piled up to the sky)




My favorite parts – the huge storage cabinet, the storage drawers under the bed, and the lack of those totally gacky vertical blinds (they were created by the devil himself).


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  1. Lizzie,

    I love it! By the way, can you send me the link to the Etsy site for the marquee letter?

    • Here’s the link to his shop, but he’s backed-up right now I guess. I’d keep checking back to see when he’s back in business. I wanted the arrow one really bad, but ended up with the letter. I. LOVE. IT!!!


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