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I’ve been pretty late posting about my pillow project.  Probably because I got a little nuts crazy with the whole thing.  And I kept forgetting to take pictures.  Well, not forgetting.  It’s dark in our apartment and it’s hard to get a decent photo.  As my workmate always points out – first world problem.  Anyway…

This is what happened.  I first wanted to make the felt flower pillow, but after I finished it, I was a little “meh…”  Immediately, I wanted to revamp it.  For the initial pillow, I had decided to just use a cheap pillow cover from Ikea and adhere the felt petals with hot glue gun instead of sewing them.  Easy peasy.  But now that I wanted to re-do it, I couldn’t reuse the pillow cover.  That meant I had to get material to make a pillow from scratch.  While at the fabric store, I was standing in front of the felt bolts for what felt like forever.  I couldn’t decide on a color to match the awesome linen fabric I found on sale for the pillow.  Well, it’s not like they clashed, but nothing really stood out to me.  What I wanted was a light yellow, but the only yellow they had was something along the lines of Big Bird.  Yeah, no.  So, I wandered around and stumbled upon quilter’s flannel.  It was in the PRETTIEST light yellow and so soft that it was like touching angels’ wings.  I knew that I.  MUST.  HAVE.  IT.  I went home, and followed the tutorial on how to make a pillow cover (ummm…CRAZY EASY, by the way) and then glued the flannel petals.  Of course, I’d still like to re-do parts of it, but I know my husband will straight up murder me if I suggest it at this point.  But…some day.  It’s really cute, though.

Next was the shag pillow.  I was saving it for when I went to visit my friend in San Diego because we’ve both been dying for a sewing day.  I decided that since making a pillow cover was so ding dang easy, I’d make a simple pillow cover for one of the existing pillows we have too.  I started with the shag pillow.  Let me say that this pillow was also very easy to make.  But the cutting took FFFFOOOOORRREEEVVVEEERRR.  I silently (only not so silently) cursed my friend who had decided to just “eyeball” all the strip cutting.  I, of course, had rulers, protractors and compasses…I’m kidding.  I had a ruler.  But there were a ton strips to measure and cut!  All that aside, I love this pillow!  And I totally love the simple one I covered too.

Now that I’ve come to the end of my pillow project, I realize one thing – I WANT TO MAKE MORE!!!!  How many pillows can you fit in a tiny apartment?  I think my husband is about to find out.  Poor guy…


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