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Neon signs are the coolest, aren’t they?  I’m talking about those old vintage ones that say things like “Lucky’s Cocktails” or “Desert Palms Motel” with a picture of a lady diving into a pool.  Love, love, love!  So, when I stumbled across this little number, I about screamed in excitement. 

Guys!  I can make my own “neon” sign!!!!  I showed all the directions to my resident “Difficult DIY Project Manager” (aka my husband, Ryan) and he said…it looks a little hard.  He said he’d give it a go, though.  THEN, I found this tutorial which appears to be much easier.  Easier meaning no vinyl roof flashing and electric jigsaw. 

It’s foamboard!  Granted, I still want the first one, but I will give this one a go.  I don’t even think I need to bring the Project Manager into the loop since I think I can handle it myself.  And I know I’m probably taking a turn to crazy town, but I’m going to try to do words instead of letters.  We’ll see…

As always, I’ll keep you posted!!

UPDATE – OK…I’ll admit that I caved and bought one.  I know, I know.  But I found someone on Etsy who makes vintage reproductions and I had to go for it.  I still want to do the foamboard project, but it’s a little low on my list at this point.  Sorry about that.  But check out the seller on Etsy.  I know that he’s a little backed up at the moment, but hopefully he’ll open up for orders again soon.


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  1. I MUST HAVE ONE!!! OMG A flashing G sign in my window. With like “OPEN OPEN OPEN” flashing beneath it! Too much? Ok, I’ll settle for a neon G. Seriously. I might have to try this. Let me know how easy it was. And I mean, is it easy enough for a 5 year old with feet for hands to do it?

    • Well….I’m going to post about this sometime this weekend because…I ended up buying one from a guy on Etsy . LOL. Just wait – you’re going to crap your pants. I’m still going to try the one made out of foam board, but not the *real* kind.


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