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Wedding Accessories – Part 1

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When I got married a little over a year ago, I went into DIY overdrive.  I wanted to look nice, but didn’t want the traditional long, white gown type of affair.  It was my second wedding and I wanted this one to be much more low-key.  I had my dress handmade by a designer on Etsy in a really pretty baby blue silk.  I totally loved it.

Now, accessories…very important!  There were SO many things I liked – pearl jewelry (I just love that generally) and 50’s-type fascinators.  GAH!  The list goes on and on.  What I realized was that buying special jewelry and accessories is expensive.  I used to make jewelry as a side business (notice I still have my day job), so I understand why.  If you want the “real” stuff like gemstones, pearls, etc., the cost of supplies is expensive to begin with.  In searching, I found the PERFECT necklace on Etsy. The problem – it was over $300.  Yeah, no.  Granted, it was made with real pearls, but I just wasn’t willing to spend that.  I only paid $100 for my dress!  I realized that I could give it a go myself.

The difference was in the supplies.  While I would love to have a gorgeous piece of expensive jewelry to pass down to someone, I really just wanted something that would look good on my wedding day.  So, off to Jo-Ann Fabric.  I bought a few bags of different sized pearls (the plastic variety) and found a really pretty brooch from one of those shops in the mall that sells cheap jewelry.  I also bought a fancy sterling silver hook clasp.  All in all, I spent under $25.  Here’s a back view: 

Now, I know that some of you will say that you can’t do this.  YOU CAN!  Making jewelry really isn’t that hard.  The toughest part is fastening the clasp to whatever you’re stringing the beads on.  Here’s a little tutorial I found.  You’ll be amazed at what you can create.  I’m telling you…

Part 2 – Hairpins.


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