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Dessert Plates

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I was planning a party a while ago and was going to serve a lot of cupcakes.  I didn’t want to use boring old trays.  I took to the internet in search of ideas.  I found lots of cute ones for sale.  I even found directions on how to make cardboard tiered plates with fancy trim.  Then I saw these.  They were on Etsy for a LOT of money.  After looking at them, I realized that I could make them myself for under $20.  All you need are plates in various sizes and small vases/candlesticks/dessert cups to use as dividers to stack the plates.  Oh, and epoxy, of course.  It honestly couldn’t have been easier.  You just glue them all together and step back to view the grandeur.

I won’t lie.  The first one is made entirely out of stuff from thrift stores, but I splurged on the second one.  Two of the plates are from Ikea and one is from Anthropologie (aka the cutest store ever).  I’m actually going to re-use this one to house my jewelry in my bedroom.  So pretty, right?!


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  1. Katie Q. Harvey

    SOOOOO cute, Lizzie! I love this idea!

  2. BRILLIANT!! I hate you a little…


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