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Guys, I’ve been wanted to do this for months!  Not on a large wall, but just on a little wall in the apartment that’s about 2 feet wide.

Yes, this is a screencap from Flash Forward.  Remember – this girl’s mom was crazy and she had to rush home with more pennies so that her mom could continue working on the penny wall.  With angel wings on.  Oh brother.  Wonder why that show failed.  ANYWAY, since this is a bigger project, I’ve got to involve my husband, Ryan.  That means we’ve got to work around his schedule which has been insanely busy.  As much as I’d love to hand him glue and a whole bunch of pennies the moment he walks in the door, that’s not very nice.  Plus, since we are renters, we don’t want to glue them directly to the wall which means prep work.  Plywood nailed to the wall first and then apply the pennies directly to that?  Something along those lines.  Like always, he’s got a plan all figured out.  I don’t worry my pretty little head over it.

So…once I wear him down with begging and pleading, I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out!  And if any of you know Ryan and think this is a totally cool idea, feel free to beg and plead for me.  Wink…


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  1. did you ever wind up doing this?? I’ve been toying with the idea of affixing pennies to like a draw liner (the rubber sort) and then just tacking the sections up…

    • It’s funny you commented because we’re about 6 inches away from being finished. My husband’s dragging his feet a bit, but I think I can light a fire under him by the end of the month. It is TIME CONSUMING gluing those pups on the wall! LOL.

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