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Painted Bottles

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Don’t ask me why, but I LOVE colored glass bottles.  Like seriously, love.  Well, not “marry me” love, but love nonetheless.  Depression glass and milk glass are my faves.  So pretty!  It’s a little easier to find milk glass at a thrift store, but depression glass is tougher to find.  I bought some on eBay a while ago, but the shipping…ugh.  It almost nullifies any deal you’re getting.  So annoying.  Anyway, I found a tutorial online of a brilliant idea another DIYer had.  Painting the inside of vases to make them look like colored glass!  GAH!  Right?! 

The only problem I found with the tutorial was that they made it seem as easy as pie.  Well, let me clarify.  It was as easy as pie to paint them.  You just squeeze a good amount of paint (which I got from Joann Fabric for $1) around the top of the inside lip of your vase (from the Dollar Store, of course) and slowly turn the bottle until the paint covers all the glass.  It took all of five minutes.  Then you stand the bottle upside down until the remaining paint runs out, clean up any paint from the top and outside lip and let it dry.  Shoot.  It was done lickety split!

I wanted to use them as vases for some of the origami flowers I was making, so until they were finished, I displayed them proudly on a shelf.  When I went to show my friend, she noticed that a lot of the paint had disappeared.  I guess disappeared isn’t the right word.  It just obviously didn’t adhere to the glass very well and had oozed down to the bottom.  It looked like butt and I was a little embarrassed since I thought I was the bee’s knees.  Irritating.

I decided to try again, but this time I used a glaze that would harden over the colored paint, thereby making it “stick.”  That sorta worked, but not really well.  The paint just seemed very delicate.  I was afraid that if anything touched it, it would flake right off.  Boo.  So, I asked my best friend, Google, for the solution.  To some people this might be common knowledge, but it wasn’t to me.  At all.  So, the first thing I found was that acrylic paint doesn’t really “stick” to glass.  You need a different paint – enamel acrylic.  Durr.  Also, it helps to pre-treat the glass.  I bought some sort of pre-treatment, but it really just seemed exactly like rubbing alcohol.  Maybe I’m way off on that, though. 

The end product was a very pretty and durable vase.  Using the different paint, it ended up costing a couple bucks more to make instead of what I would have spent using the acrylic paint.  There was enough paint to do a couple, though.  Of course, it’s painted on the inside which means I would be nervous to use as a vase-vase (like with water), but I like having different colored bottles around as decoration.  They just fill my heart with glee.


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