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Origami Flowers

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I stumbled across these origami flowers when I was searching for an alternative for table centerpieces.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE flowers.  But those pups are expensive!  Even if carnations are now acceptable for occasions other than funerals, it costs a pretty penny to put together several in an attractive way.  It started with this:

Carnation Pomander

LOVE!  I mean, carnations never looked so good!  Then I realized that to make those would cost me more than I wanted to spend.  So, I started looking for alternatives.  Yeah, there are the ones made out of tissue paper, but those look like, well, they look like they’re made out of tissue paper.  I finally stumbled on these beauties and I became hell-bent on reproducing a variation of them.

Origami Flowers Tutorial

The difference was, I made a lot of them, glued them to bamboo skewers (which cost a couple bucks for 25+ from the grocery store) and inserted them into a styrofoam ball (like the pomander).  I tried out different paper because I didn’t want to buy tons of origami paper.  I settled on pages from books because they have the perfect storm of paper thickness, affordability and neutral color.  I started with some old books I had lying around and later resorted to thrift store books.  For a little accent color, I used scrapbook paper from a craft store.

Here’s where it gets a little crazy.  To make them, it takes just about an entire book.  That means that folding all those petals to make one entire centerpiece takes about 20+ hours.  I was origami folding my little fingers to the bone.  I was very happy with the result, though, and ended up using them at the next party I planned.


Oh, and as far as the vases, I used a thrift store decanter in the first picture and a clear glass one from the Dollar Store which I spray painted white for the picture above.  Totes adorbz!

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